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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

American Idol: Not Nearly As Hideous As You Might Have Imagined

That was an amazingly even death trifecta over the past couple of weeks: Don Knotts, Dennis Weaver and Darren McGavin. None of them was TOO famous, they were all equally matched in terms of celebrity. Sometimes your trifecta gets all thrown off, like if you were to have Don Knotts/Dennis Weaver/Bill Frist. Then you've got your lack of parallelness and different career fields to deal with, plus is Frist more famous than Don Knotts today, and back in the Andy of Mayberry days was Don more renowned than Frist is today? I would feel comfortable adding Kirby Puckett because he had that same pretty famous but not superstar thang going on. But we don't do death quartets, just death juntas...Speaking of death trifectas, you could certainly make a case for Gordon Parks/Coretta Scott King/Betty Friedan... Saw American Idol last night and while I am no fan of the Mariah Carey school of vocal oversinging and range-flaunting hystrionics, I gotta say all those girls can sing. One woman even took on "Think." Now we all know that song is Aretha's in a deadbolt lock kinda way, yet this young lady understated part of it, reinterpreted it, didn't try to compete with Sister Re, and really had it all goin' on. Even Simon realized this. When he's not trying to disagree for the sake of more colorful television, he actually has a clue... Is there some story about Barry Bonds taking steroids??!! Imagine! Today's comic strip "Jump Start" is poking fun at how athletes do their own commercials and begin to think they're the "black Brando." And really, think about it: first time you do a commercial, you are so jacked and nervous, even if you're a big-time athlete, that you have no clue if you are dazzling, abysmal or somewhere in-between. Of course the director says you're doing boffo, because he has to keep your confidence up and hope you improve even if you suck at the moment. And your posse, we know they want to maintain their position in the pack, so they're telling you that George Clooney's gonna be nervous when he sees this commercial. So soon you think that you're Billy Dee or at least Joey Dee and once again reality has no bearing on your worldview. Fame corrupts, absolute fame with a strong chaser of sycophancy corrupts absolutely....